Stranded On An Island

This morning while I was making breakfast I was thinking out loud talking to God when the words “I feel stranded” came out of my mouth. Now, before you get nervous, I didn’t mean the “Left alone to die, everyone has abandoned me, Tom Hanks Castaway, Sandra Bullock Gravity” kind of stranded. More like “I feel stuck, I can’t move forward and I’m unable to launch into the next season or level in life”, namely my calling/career as an artist. I’ve been trapped in this period of “limbo” for quite a while now. It’s like I’m on an island and my destiny is only a few hundred miles away but I don’t have the means or resources to get there. Actually, I’m not even sure where “there” is. So I’m lacking a destination, transportation and a compass. Stuck.

The crazy thing though is that I actually like the island that I’m stuck on. It’s not some desolate God forsaken place. It’s actually very pleasant and full of life. I’m extremely grateful for where I’m at. I’m learning and growing so much. I’m enjoying what I do for a living, I love my family, my friends, where I live, my church… There is provision on this island. The temperature is nice, comfortable and honestly I’m not in a hurry to leave. I wonder am I actually right where I’m supposed to be?

So I’m living in this tension. Enjoying where I’m at while striving to keep pressing forward. Being thankful and content here and now without getting too complacent or comfortable. Living fully in the present while preparing for the future. Fighting, wrestling, resting…

Earlier this morning, shortly after I said those words “I feel stranded” I opened up a devotional by Chuck Smith, (who side note recently passed away). It was in regards to Hebrews 7:25: “He (meaning Jesus) is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him.” Here’s what Chuck had to say about it:

“God saves from extreme circumstances.” After this he goes down a list of dangerous or unpleasant situations, and the one that jumped off the page at me was “EXILED ON AN ISLAND”. Proceeding on: “God is able to deliver you. He may have you in that circumstance for a specific reason; He may choose to leave you in that situation for a time. But don’t ever doubt His ability to rescue you.”

“He may choose to leave you in that situation for a time.” I sat there, dumbfounded. I’m sure I’ve heard this before, but this time, in this context, bearing in mind I had just told God I feel stranded, well, it took on a whole new meaning. It was quite miraculous actually. Somebody gave me that book a few months back while I was at a church in Pasadena. Now, you ready for the funny part? I actually read the wrong day’s devotional. Yes, it’s true. I’ve been cooped up working on a song all week and lost track of what day it is. I thought it was November 24th. It’s November 22nd. I was 2 days ahead, but God can take our mistakes and still do miracles.

This gave me a tremendous amount of peace. Being reminded that God can deliver me from this island at any given moment if He so chooses to. Believing that He’s sovereign, and wise enough to know what He’s doing, brilliant enough to see forever past and forever future, so whatever He chooses to do is intentional and good. Knowing that He’s with me, and able, yet if He chooses to keep me here for a while, well, then I can stay here and rest knowing that thankfully, unlike humans, God is perfect and does not make mistakes.

I then was stuck by this thought. What if I’m on a floating island? What if while I think I’m stuck I’m actually moving? I can’t tell that I’m moving because all I see is water around me. But what if while I’m here doing all I know to do where I am right now, God is moving me into my destiny. Or even if this island isn’t moving, God can move mountains. What’s to stop Him from bringing His destiny to me?

  • Anonymous

    great post man

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s exactly like you say in your last paragraph… you do what God has put in your life to do; do it diligently. He is always at work behind the scenes. There is a ton of stuff God says about how He rewards hard work and diligence! And then you find that while you were just doing what you could do, He was moving you toward your distination all along. (And preparing you for it!)

  • Naida Lynn

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! :-D This was sooooo good!! Wow. Took my breath away and then sent refreshing waves of peace over my heart! Sooo good, B. :-) Thank you for sharing!!

  • Sheria ‘Korea’ Johnson-Wynn

    I literally have been felling like this the past week! Why is it that everything you’ve been sharing in the last two weeks has been speaking directly to me in the season of my walk….must be the Holy Ghost!!!

  • Anonymous

    Then THE LORD replied: “Write down the revelation & make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time;it speaks of the & will not prove false. Though it linger, WAIT FOR IT; IT WILL CERTAINLY COME & WILL NOT DELAY. Habakkuk 2:2-3
    God fulfill all His promises for our lives!!!!!!! Permanece a la expectativa porque DIOS te va a sorprender :)

  • Anonymous

    Es precisamente esa incomodidad de la situación actual en la q estamos, la q Dios usa para llevarnos al siguiente nivel, el proceso no es fácil pero el final de la historia es la Gloria de Dios en nuestras vidas. Dios siempre tiene mejores cosas p cada uno de nosotros. Creo q una de las cosas q Dios quiere q hagamos es dejar de vernos a nosotros mismos, nuestras propias prioridades y deseos, y q comencemos a ver con Sus ojos la necesidad apremiante de otros por conocerlo a Él. Nuestra vida adquiere verdadero sentido solo cuando decidimos agradar a Dios en lugar de a nosotros mismos. :) Sigo en proceso y estoy aprendiendo ;)

  • Anonymous

    with GOD, u always B in the right way!!!!!!!

  • Jamilla T

    Love reading your blog.

  • Kelly Englett

    John 15:15~you are not alone brother! Know that God is moving even when it seems silent. His plan is far better than we can ever hope or imagine. For as it is written in Isaiah 55:8-9, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither your ways my ways declares The Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” The longer He makes us wait, the better it’s gonna be! Keep pressing forth and seek His guidance. You can’t go wrong when your walking in the will of Jesus! Happy Thanksgving to you Brian and your loved ones!

  • HilCeleste

    I totally agree with what you are saying i feel the same way right now. But I will never lose sight that God is right there on the other side moving things in the spirit realm and bringing them to be in the natural.

  • Joe

    When you mentioned the words “He may choose to leave you in that situation for a time. But don’t ever doubt His ability to rescue you”, this easily changed the way I my struggles in life. Thank you so much for sharing!”

  • Lilyana Rivas

    Maybe your island is floating…moving, progressing, and catching His winds direction. When I read this it reminds me of the story Abraham. His island was surely floating it took a while for him to really “get” how Gods winds work. I encourage you to read the story of Abraham. After all our lives should be filled with many seasons of adventures that lead us into a greater knowledge of who He is. I’m pretty sure you will catch His drift. I myself felt like this not to long ago but He reminds me about “His light at the end of every tunnel.”

  • Amanda Lue

    Wow, this is the story of my life. The hardest part is believing it in your heart when those days come around. It’s hard to always feel like a misfit, like you’re constantly swimming against the tide, especially as a young person in this world when you’re surrounded by friends and family who except you to live like everyone else is. Sometimes I look around and I really do feel stranded and even lifeless at times like nothing’s really going on. And then it’s harder when I’ve drifted from God and fail to depend on him for life, joy and peace. I guess we have to be like Abraham and tell ourselves that ‘Now is Not Forever’ :) this world is temporary but God it’s eternal. (you said that in one of your other videos, can’t remember which one.

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