Trouble Talkin’ (vlog, song story & lyrics)

So last week Mali Music and I released a free song called Trouble Talkin’. If you don’t have it you can download it here.

If you’re lazy and don’t like to read (haha) just watch this video it sums it up: Trouble Talkin\’ Behind the Scenes

Figured I’d take a couple minutes to share with you how the song came about and what the meaning behind it is. Last year I ended up going on the Misfit Tour with a bunch of artists who became friends. One of those artists is Mali Music, who is insanely talented, check him out. We connected so well that both of us agreed to go on a tour this fall. It’s called “The Synergy Tour”. Synergy: “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.” I believe that our potential is a lot greater when we’re unified and collaborate. The unique diversity of Mali and I, mix those two together and… we’ll you’ll just have to come out to the Synergy Tour and see! hah

So how did the song come about? (yes, I just asked myself a question) I was on the phone with Mali and we were discussing how we’d love to have a theme song for the tour, something to get a buzz going. It’s an overwhelming thought: all of the different creative directions we could go due to the extreme diversity of both of us as artists. We wanted it to be something out of left field, kind of unpredictable, so we discussed a Kanye/Jay-Z direction. I found this song called “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat & Tears (check out this old school psychedelic live version!) There’s a section in there that says “Talkin’ bout your troubles it’s a cryin’ sin…” So I chopped that up into a sample, programmed a beat and sent it to Mali to see if I was crazy for liking it. He loved it and over the course of the next month we wrote our verses. I wrote like 5 different choruses and didn’t really like any of them. Then when we were in LA rehearsing for the Merge Summit, Mali showed up with a chorus he recorded the night before and it was brilliant. So, the meaning of the song? Okay, here ya go.

“All these troubles and all this talkin’ has got me weary.” That’s where I’ve been at. I’m tired from facing obstacles in life, from things not working out. This world is broken and it’s wearing me out. I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about it, and that’s wore me out even more. Not to mention all these other people talking about there problems… So I have 2 options: one, to let the trouble discourage me and keep whining and complain about it, OR 2, to DO something about it. So my response to all the opposition and negative talk is to link arms with others (synergy), to work with other people, other artists like Mali Music and do something positive. That’s what the Synergy Tour is, and that’s what this song is about. Here are the lyrics, they explain even better than I can in words.

(B.Reith) I’m fresh on the scene shine bright high beam , they ready with they eyes wide open Visine, shut em down open up shop ice cream 31 flavors comin out of left field Green Monster (<—google that! ;) ) meaning the wall not Doctor Bruce Banner silly goose see this ain’t the comics , this ain’t the movies but this here’s a concept , you sittin front row me and Mali concert

(Mali) If you’re scared go to church and be scared, something’s happenin’ , you smell that Reith? Awe man we dabblin’ in stuff the majority would hate to see us tappin’ in , but it’s the peeps with us, oh yea we rappenin’ , they say it’s the God in me, I agree I was adopted in His lineage I proudly rock the family T , part of the family tree, yea my name in there somewhere , rights to a synergy leave a legacy

(B.Reith) Yea Mali that’s exactly how it’s gotta be , bob and weave dodging these Pharisees lickin’ shots at me , possibly one day they’ll label us an odyssey as odd as we are, they can’t figure out our camaraderie , I guess the numbers lined up right, lottery , yo this is synergy not just a commodity , go ahead keep trouble talkin’ bout my problems see you stirrin’ up the God-given gift inside of me

(Chorus) Man the industry don’t do nothin’ (stop your trouble talkin’) And the church always tryin’ to do something’ (stop your trouble talkin’) Man if I had the money I would (stop your trouble talkin’) All this trouble talk talk it ain’t doin’ nothin’

Yea they singin’ them same old songs (stop your trouble talkin’) Think it’s cool but they got it all wrong (stop your trouble talkin’) Pick it up and we movin’ on (stop your trouble talkin’) All this trouble talk talk it ain’t doin’ nothin’

(Mali) Yea some be talkin’ outside they neck, some be talkin’ too soon , like no matter what you be sayin’ it’s nothin’ to lose , not enough victory, not enough good news , not enough energy simply they be talkin’ bout they’re troubles it’s killin’ me, I mean it’s killin’ us , try to stay positive I move to the back of the bus this trouble I love it though, I got the remedy , yea I got the Antidote and He’s livin’ within me

(B.Reith) Yup yessiree that’s the answer to our enemy when he attempts to tempt telling us to ven aqui, tryin to pull a Lee Harvey Oswald on Kennedy, check the weaponry, Christ in me, that’s our synergy, and I’m ready for whatever, fully well aware that these problems ain’t gonna last forever but as long as we’re alive you can bet they will occur , but take heart the Chosen One has overcome the world

(Outro) Well I guess it’s safe to say these troubles they ain’t goin away, and I haven’t arrived yet, no I haven’t arrived yet

We got a long way till we get there and there’s problems on the way, we’ll never know unless we try it, never know unless we try it

  • Jonathan Cardenas

    Man This is super dope. Keep doing it BIG. Loving God, Lifting Others. Thats what we do.

    Oh Yeah. Please come To Sacramento

  • Phat Girl Slim

    I love your enthusiasm. You are an inspiration, I only recently heard about you when you went to Fire Code but since then I have been in LOVE with your music. I watched those old S2R videos (hilarious, me and my sister are big fans of Spencer Buxton :P ) and read your blog entries, you spoke right to me in the ‘Running against the Wind’ one even though it was a while ago. I could go on forever about the impact of your music and your tenacity (if that’s the word). Well, God Bless and keep you Mr Reith I really love what you do. I really want to be there at one of your tour destinations but instead I send you my support from the UK!!! :D Keep doing what your doing. And keep blogging, was so excited to read a new blog.
    You are in my prayers :)

  • DJ Wade-O

    Dope homey. This song is a winner. And the blog makes me like it even more. It gets spins on Wade-O Radio.

  • Josefina Lopez

    Muchas veces el hablar solo de los problemas, nos hace sentir más agobiados pero el mensaje de esta canción es acertado, es mejor ocuparse en afrontar los problemas y resolverlos con la ayuda de DIOS, que preocuparse en ellos solamente. Si estamos cansados de llevar cargas tan pesadas sólo tenemos que decidir dárselas a ÉL a cambio de una carga ligera y fácil de llevar que n termine cansándonos hasta desmayar. En JESUS podemos ser más que vencedores cuando parece que estamos perdiendo la batalla,sólo hay que dejar de enfocarnos en el problema, porque GRANDE ES NUESTRO DIOS QUE PELEA POR NOSOTROS!!!!!!

  • Josefina Lopez

    La unión hace la fuerza: SYNERGY!!!!!!!

  • Jay-zzzzzz (burp)

    Jay-Z and Kanye, B.Reith? This is exactly why I stopped recommending your music to people: I point people to your music to try to draw them out of the world and you would push them right back in. J and K some filthy, morally-debased (the definition of “vile*”) men. What in the world do you want to emulate of them? You offer up light, they deal in darkness.

    So here’s my dilemma: I know a faithful, musical kid who’s facing a battle. I’d l-o-v-e to share “Goodness Gracious” with her for some encouragement (“be patient in affliction” right?). The song’s message and musical intricacies could get her brain’s synapses in a good way. But if I do share it, I run the risk of her looking you up on the Interweb and in the process being introduced to Jay-Z, Kanye, the “robot” woman-of-ill-repute you praised for a halftime performance, and a guy who beat his girlfriend until she was unrecognizable (deuces!). There’s also a guy in your sphere who seems to be flirting with/writing about atheism and Catholicism (hope you’re witnessing to him).

    This all would probably be new to her. Between serving at church and watching the news, I don’t think her parents have introduced her to much questionable music.

    A reasoned dude like you probably rationalizes these choices with a thought like, “I don’t support Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s lifestyles, I just like some of their songs.” But don’t you help fund their lifestyles when you buy their music with the money God gave you? And don’t you just draw more people to their music every time you talk about them in a positive way?

    Rather than letting their music have a stronghold on you, why don’t you weigh them in the balance against these scriptures:

    Psalms 12:8, “[t]he wicked walk on every side, when the *vilest men are exalted.”

    2Thes 2:12, “…they all might be damned who believed no the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    What is the truth? You’ve said it yourself: God’s ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55). Why isn’t this reflected in your music and movie choices?

  • J_Thomas

    B. I just want to say thanks for your witness and ministry. I really look up to you as a person and a musician. God has really blessed you and I’m aiming to inspire people and the next generation just like you do man. Thanks.

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